World Coldest Places

1. Dome Fuji, Antarctica

Dome Fuji

Dome Fuji, (DF) Coldest Place On Earth, Is Antarctic Base In Eastern Queen Maud Land. Dome Fuji Station Is Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE). It Is Mostly Surrounded By A Large Thick Ice Sheets Comprising Most About 70% Of The Freshwater On The Planet-Earth.
Elevation Above Sea Level: 3,700 Meters (12,100 Feet)
Record Low: -135.7 Fahrenheit (–93.2 Degrees Celsius)

2. Vostok Station, Antarctica

Vostok station

Vostok Station Has Ice Caps Climatic Conditions With 0 Degree Of Year-Round Temperature, Typical Like With Most Of Antarctica. Receive Only 22 Millimetres Of Yearly Precipitation. It Is One Of Earth’s Driest Places However Life Continues To Arise In The Rare And Severe Circumstances From Hot Wind On The Sea Floor Of The Antarctica’s Frozen Hyper-Saline Lakes. The Sub-Glacial Environment Is Among Earth’s Most Oligotrophic Conditions, An Ecosystem With Low Nutrient Levels And Limited, Viable Resources
Elevation Above Sea Level: 3,488 Meters (11,444 Feet)
Record Low: – 129 Fahrenheit ( −89.2 Degrees Celsius )

3.Verkhoyansk, Russia


Verkhoyansk Is A Small-Town Situated On The Yana River In The District Of The Republic Of Sakha (Yakutiya), Near East Russia. As Per The 2002 Census 1434 People Live In Verkhoyansk, Russia, Carving Out A Life In The Remarkable Siberian Environment. Verkhojansk Is Known For Its Extremely Low Winter Temperatures. The Lowest Temperature (Record Low) Is Recorded In Verkhojansk Is -90 Fahrenheit (-67.7 Degrees Celsius).
Record Low: -90 Fahrenheit (-67.7 Degrees Celsius )

4. North Ice , Greenland

North Ice Greenland


North Ice Was A Research Station On The Inland Ice Of Greenland The British Northern Greenland Exploration (1952 To 1954). The Lowest Temperature Ever Reached In This Station Was 66.1 ° C On 1954. The Name Of The Station Juxtaposition With Antarctica’s Former British South Ice Station. The Greenland Ice, The Largest Ice Sheet, Is Only The Antarctic Ice Sheet Well Into The Second Area.
Record Low: −87 Fahrenheit (−66.1 Degrees Celsius)

5. Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia


Yakutsk Is The Capital City Of Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia, On The Lena River In The Far North-East. Yakutsk Is The Biggest City On A Permafrost Land And Is Among The Biggest City That Can’t Be Accessed By Road. However Yakutsk Have International Airport Called Yakutsk Airport. The Record Low Temperature Ever Recorded In Yakutsk Was −64.3 Degrees Celsius.
Record Low: −83.9 Fahrenheit (−64.3 Degrees Celsius)

6. Snag, Yukon Territory, Canada

Sang Canada

At Large Latitudinal Extremes, Canada’s Has Wide Variety Of Climates. Snag Is A Village Situated On The Alaska Highway Off Small Dry-Weather Side Road. Ocean Currents Perform A Crucial Role, Both With The Hot Waters Of The Gulf Stream In The Atlantic As Well As The Alaska Current In The Pacific Impacting Weather. The Record Low Temperature Ever Recorded In Snag Was -62.7 Degrees Celsius.
Record Low: -81 Fahrenheit (-62.7 Degrees Celsius)

7. Prospect Creek, Alaska, United States

Alaska United States


The Prospect Creek Were Named The Coldest Spot In United States With Record Low Around −62 Degrees Celsius On Jan 1971. And Second In The North America After Snag, Yukon, Canada. Is Located About 67 Degrees North And 147 Degrees West Prospect Creek Is Just Next To The Arctic Circle. In 1974, Some Of The 27000 Workers Were Working On The Development And Construction-Work Of The Trans Alaska Pipeline And Pipeline Station Five. Construction Were Established Nearby The Prospect Creek.
Record Low: -80 Fahrenheit (-62.2 Degrees Celsius)