List Of Cheapest Food’s In Entire Earth

1. Fish And Chips

Fish And Chips
Fish And Chips One Of The Most Popular And Delicious Dish Of England. Fish And Chips Is Hot Fried Fish Served With Chips. Fish And Chips Are Popular In UK And Ireland.

2. Kaitenzushi

Kaitenzushi Is One Of Cheapest Dish Of Japan. Kaitenzushi (Conveyor Belt Sushi) Also Called As Rotation Sushi. Japan Is Famous For Its Expensive Foods But Kaitenzushi Is Cheap. You Can Find Kaitenzushi From 100¥ – 600¥

3. Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goring Also Called Indonesian Fried Rice Served With Piece Of Meat And Vegetables, Shrimps, Prawn, Egg, Chicken, Goat Meat. It Is Aromatic Fried Rice Having Smoky Flavor If We Compare Its Taste With Chinese Fried Rice Nasi Goring Have Spicier & Stronger Taste. Nasi Goring Is Also One Of The World Most Delicious Food.

4. Phở

Pho Is Vietnamese Rice Noodles Soup Consisting Herbs, Meat, (Beef Or Chicken), (Onion, Ginger, Cloves, Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce, Cilantro, Thai Basil). Pho Is One Of Most Popular Food In Vietnam, Singapore, And Thailand.

5. Pad Thai

Pad Thai
Pad Thai Is One Of Most Delicious And Famous Food Of Thailand. Pad Thai Is Stir-Fried Rice Noodles Made With Dehydrated Rice Noodles Fried With Egg, Tofu, Fish Sauce, Dried Shrimp, Prawn, Lime Juice, Brown Sugar Or Palm Sugar, Cayenne Pepper, Bell Pepper, Soy Sauce, Onion, Garlic & Vegetable Oil. You Can Find Pad Thai In Most Of Restaurant And Street In Thailand From $1.5 – $3 (50 ฿ – 90 ฿)

6. Shawarma

Shawarma Is Middle Eastern Cuisine Famous In Middle East Countries, South Asia, South East Asia, & In Europe Turkey Also. Shawarma Is Made With Flatbread & Thin Slice Cut Meat And Roasted On A Slowly-Turning Spit- Rotisserie Mainly Made Of Lamb Or Goat Meat, Beef Also Chicken Spices Including Smoked Paprika, Garlic, Cumin, Coriander, Cardamon, Black Pepper, Lemon Juice And Olive Oil Served With Yogurt Sauce In Oman You Can Find Shawarma At $1-$3 .

7. Biryani

Kolkata Biryani Is One Of Most Popular & Cheap Biryani Among Biryani Cuisine So We Will Talk About Kolkata Biryani. In Calcutta Biryani Are Generally Made With Basmati Rice Cooked With Mutton Often Chicken Spices Including Star Anise, Cubeb, Fennel Seeds, Coriander Leaves And Parsley & Kewra Water And Edible Rose Water For Aroma. Kolkata Biryani Is Most Popular Dish Of Kolkata, West Bengal And Also Popular In Bangladesh Also Most Of Parts In India After Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. In Kolkata You Can Find Delicious And Aromatic Biryani From $1 – $4