7 Most Successful High School Dropouts

Every Year, Over 1.2 Million Students In United States Alone, “Drop Out From High School”. About 25% Of High School Freshmen Fail To Graduate From High School.
The Term “Dropout” Can Refer To The Act Of Dropping Out Of School And Skipping Grades. In Many Cases In Our Society It Is Considered A More Serious Crime Than Being “In Danger” Of Leaving School.
When Students Do Not Graduate From High School, They Are Less Likely To Obtain A College Degree, Less Likely To Complete A College-Level Degree, Less Likely To Receive High Wages, And Less Likely To Be Employable At Some Point In Their Lifetime. But That Doesn’t Mean High School As Path To Success.

Here Are List Of Highly Successful High School Dropouts


1. Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

Thomas Alva Edison Was An American Inventor And Businessman Who Has Been Described As World Greatest Inventor. He Was Also Founding Member Of General Electric. Edison Attended School For Only A Few Months.

 2. Richard Branson

Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson Is Founder Of Virgin Group. His Total Networth Is About $4 Billion In 2019. He Attended Stowe School Dropped Out At The Age Of 16 To Start A Youth-Culture Magazine.

3. David Karp

David Karp

David Karp Is An American Web Developer And Entrepreneur He Is Founder Of Tumblr. Karp Attend The Bronx High School Of Science For One Year Before Dropping Out.

4. John D. Rockefeller

John D Rockefeller

John Davison Rockefeller Sr. Was An American Business Magnate. He Is Widely Considered The Wealthiest Person Of All Time, And The Richest Person In Modern History. He Was Founder Of Standard Oil Company. Rockefeller Dropped Out Of High School To Enter Folsom Mercantile College

5. Colonel Sanders

Colonel Harland David Sanders Was An American Businessman. He Was Founder Of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). In Seventh Grade, He Dropped Out Of School And Left Home Went To Live And Work On A Farm

6. Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc Was An American Businessman “Fast-Food Tycoon”. Ray Joined Mcdonald’s As A Franchise Agent And Proceeded To Purchase The Chain From The Mcdonald Brothers. His Net Worth Was $600 Million Until 1984

7. Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran

Edward Christopher Sheeran Is An English Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Record Producer. He Is One Of Most Sucessful Artist Of Uk . He Dropped Out Of High School At Sixteen And Started Recording His Music