Highest Paid Government Job In America

1. Computer Scientist

Computer Science

The State And The Federal Levels Of Government Agencies Require Professional Such As Computer Scientists To Develop, Study And Execute Different Computer Networks Aspects.
Average Salary – $130,650

2. Economist


Economist Conduct Research, Drafting Documents, Or Drawing Up Plans To Respond To Economic Issues Relating To The Output, Distribution Or Monetary And Taxation Policy Of Goods And Services.
Average Salary – $121,840

3. Chemist


Chemists Work With Chemicals Build And Enhance Various Products. Chemical Materials. These Can Include Cosmetics, Cleaning Agents And Pharmaceuticals.
Average Salary – $114,915

4. Aircraft Operator

Aircraft Operator

Government Operational Aircraft Employees Are Defined Under The Payscale General Schedule.
Average Salary – $110,540

5. Auditor


In The U.S. Government, The Auditor Is The Most Popular Job. The Most Popular Pay Scale Is The Overall Pay Level Plan.
Average Salary – $105,000

6. Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineers Are Basically Associated With All The Structures Around Us. Civil Engineering Is One Of The Most Paying Occupations That You Can Find Due To Its Strict Requirements.
Average Salary – $97,735

7. Police Officer

Police Officer

Police, Officers ‘ Unit Representing State Civil Authority. Police Are Usually Responsible For Public Order Management And Safety, Law Enforcement, Prevention, Identification And Prosecution Of Illegal Acts.
Average Salary – $60,000 – $96,000

8. Social Worker

Social Worker

Social Work In Our Culture Is Extremely Important, But In Particular In The Federal Government. Majority Of Social Workers Work Though, At State Or Federal Level, For Government.
Average Salary – $75,320

9. School Counselor

School Counselor

The Job Is Far More Than The Over-Average Salary For School Counselors. Their Careers Are A Helpful And Enriching Way To Guide Young People’s Lives.
Average Salary – $57,300

10. Federal Firefighter

Federal Fighter

A Federal Firefighter Works For A Federal Agency Which Offers The Facilities To Natural And Wild Firefighters. Just A Few Agencies Hiring Federal Firefighters Include The Land Management Agency, US Fish And Wildlife And The U.S. Forest Service And The US Military Department.
Average Salary – $50,040