10 Most Renowned Tourist Destination In Mexico

1. Cancún

Cancun’s Most Renowned Tourist Spot For Beaches With White Sand, Good Weather, And Bright Blue Seas. In Cancun, June Is The Hottest Time With Average Temperature Can Go Around 28°C And The Coldest Month Is January Temperature Can Go Around 24°C While September Is The Rainiest Month With An Estimated Rain Of 270 Mm. In Cancún, US Dollars And Mexican Pesos Are Two Recognized Currency.

2. Huatulco

Huatulco Is Absolutely Worth Vacationing Secret Land. Huatulco Is Situated In The State Of Oaxaca On The West Coast Of Mexico. Huatulco Is One Of Mexico’s Prettiest & Greenest Area. Huatulco Has Already Been Received The Certificate Of The Green Globe. Huatulco Has Been Designated A Biosphere Reserve By UNESCO In 2006. Sunshine Can Be Predicted In Huatulco Around 330 Days A Year. The Journey Is 695 Kilometers From Mexico City To Huatulco Via Mexico 135D By Road.

3. Teotihuacan

In The Valley Of Mexico, Teotihuacan Is An Ancient City. This Was Hand Built Over A Thousand Years Prior To The Leaping Emergence Of The Nahuatl-Speaking Aztecs In Central Mexico. Teotihuacan Is Famous For Its Vibrant Wall Colored On Plastered Walls. Teotihuacán’s Big Attraction Is The Moon Pyramid As Well As Other Historical Buildings. Tenochtitlan Is So Important, Because It Was The Headquarters Of Ancient Mexico’s Most Powerful Empire.

4. Tulum

Tulum Is A Famous Spot On The Caribbean Coastline Of The Yucatan Region, Mexico. It Is Renowned For Its Beaches And Well Preserved Ruins Of A Historical Mayan Port City. Tulum Is Situated About 81 Miles From Cancun. In This Town You Can’t Find Uber But You Can Take Taxis And Other Local Transport. In Tulum US Dollars And Euros Are Still Widely Accepted Currency. Tulum Is A Popular Destination Among Travelers.

5. Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon
Copper Canyon A Four Times Lengthier Than The Grand Canyon Of The United States. It Is Even Deeper In Certain Areas Than The Grand Canyon, About 1 Million Miles. It Is Popular Among Tourists For Trekking. In Copper Canyon There Are Some Well Known Places Such As Recohuata Hot Springs, Cusararé Falls, Paquimé Archaeological Park, De Los Monjes Valley, Valley Of The Frogs, Valley Of The Mushrooms, Basaseachic Falls & More.

6. Palenque

Palenque Is An Mediaeval Mayan City Placed In The Highlands Of The Chiapas Altiplano Of Modern Mexico & Is About 905 Km South East Of Mexico’s City By Road. Palenque International Airport Placed 5 Km From The Centre Point Of The Palenque. Palenque Is Notable For Its Exquisite Carvings Of Stucco And Low Relief That Are Some Of The Finest Naturalistic Depictions In Mayan Arts. Some Famous Attraction In Palenque Are Templo De La Calavera, Templo De Las Inscripciones, Temple Of The Cross, El Palacio And More.

7. Chichén Itzá

Chichén Itzá
The Mayan People Of The Terminal Classic Period Were Settled In Chichen Itza A Long Pre-Columbian Area. The Chichen Itza Is Among Mexico’s Best-Known Tourist Attractions. It Was One Of The Highly Advanced And Packed With The Many Maya Ruins. In 1988, Chichen Itza Was Listed As A UNESCO World Heritage Site & Among The New Seven Wonders Of The World. Some Very Well-Known Sites Of Chichens Itza Are Temple Of Kukulkan, Temple Of The Warrors, Temple Of The Skulls, Tomb Of The High Priest And More.

8. Guanajuato

In Central Mexico, Guanajuato Is A City. Because Of Its History In Silver Mines And Colonial Architecture, It Is Also Renowned With Trade, Business And Tourism. The Hillside, Connecting To Lovely Squares, Is Renowned For Its Colorful Houses. A Number Of Cinemas Are Located In Downtown. Delicious Street Foods Can Be Found In Guanajuato. The City’s Mummies Are Also Famous In This Town.

9. Cozumel

For Its Beautiful Coral Reefs, Cozumel Mexico Is Well Known. In The Caribbean Sea, Cozumel Is The Mexican Island Cozumel Is The Most Populated Territory And Is The Most Important Site In The Caribbean Sea With Its Huge Cruise Traffic Then Any Other Terminal It Is Considered As Major Port In Mexico. Cruise Passengers Ships In Cozumel Port Receive Millions Of Travelers Annually. The Most Amazing Diving In The Planet Can Be Seen In Cozumel Palancar Reef. Some Of Cozumel’s Popular Spots Are Cozumel’s Beaches, San Miguel De Cozumel, The National Marine Park, San Gervasio, Museum Of The Island Of Cozumel, Cozumel’s Lighthouse And More.

10. Mérida

Mérida Is The Lively Capital Of The Mexican State Of Yucatan. The Calm Of The Town And Its Charm, Render It An Attractive Place In Its Streets In The Presence Of Its Colonial Buildings, Mayan Ruins And Architecture. Here Some Of Cozumel’s Popular Spots Are Museum Of Mérida (Gran Museo Del Mundo Maya), Dzibilchaltún, Paseo De Montejo, Cathedral Of Mérida, Casa De Los Montejo, Lucas De Galvez Market And More.